Birth {In between worlds}

This particular image was taken a few months ago at one of my births. While I delivered this image to my client, I never shared it to my followers. As 2015 came to an end and I started prepping, planning, and goal setting for BHP's upcoming year, I came across this photo unexpectedly.

Then it hit me, why NOT share this beautiful capture? This image not only shows a baby in between worlds, but just how amazing our female bodies really are! We can grow, nurture, and birth new life and that my friends, is pretty miraculous!

Now, I know not every client and laboring mother would want this image. This is why it's SO important that I meet with my clients and establish their vision and comfort level. All of my Birth Stories are uniquely and beautifully different, catered to that family. This is just another reason my "job" is so awesome. I not only get to capture a new life coming into this world, but I get to deliver those moments to my clients to have & to cherish for years to come.


akron birth

Happy New Year, friends! 2016 is going to crazy, exciting, scary, and amazing! I just can't wait <3

Monday Inspiration

"Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams" - Unknown

This weekend was a monumental time in my life. Not only did I turn another year older, but I truly had an ah-ha moment. Here I was Friday night, out with all my fabulous girlfriends, sipping on a cocktail, & I just stopped. These women were out celebrating not only my birthday, but they were celebrating ME. They brought thoughtful gifts, they said thoughtful things, but most importantly, they showed up. And it was at that moment I realized, these are my people. 

I know this all sounds a bit dorky & perhaps a bit cliche. But this weekend, and these women, was MUCH needed. I work hard, every single day, to create a life I am proud to live. I work hard, every single day, to create an art that shows women and families, the truest beauty of birth & family photography. And to have people who not only notice that, but believe in it, is such a wonderful feeling.

Aside from my amazing friends, I have been taking part in a group with other creatives in the Akron/Canton community titled The Rising Tide Society. The sole purpose of this organization, is to encourage each other. To build community over competition. How inspiring it has been to connect with so many talented people who are right here in my area! Not only that, but I have been able to connect with other birth and family photographers from all over the U.S. and the amount of appreciation I have for those new found friendships is immeasurable. 

The point of this Monday morning blog, is the quote that I started this off with. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams. It will light a fire inside of you that will never burn out. It will awaken a part of you that you didn't even know existed. Not only do I get to chase my own dreams, but I have surrounded myself with people that will support & encourage those dreams. 

Take a deep look into your circle and your community. Are you competing or are you supporting? Are they supporting you? If not, make a change. 

Much love,