// What is a Fresh 48 Session?

Since announcing my half off sale (WOOO!!) on Fresh 48 Sessions, I have received a ton of messages asking what exactly a Fresh 48 is! You all know me, I’m a sucker for a good blog post and what better blog than one filled with BABIESSS! <3

I think any photographer that offers a Fresh 48 package can offer a different variety of things they offer within that package. But I feel the overall gist of the session is this: capturing your newborn baby within the first 48 hours of birth. These sessions are wonderful for those who would rather keep the actual birth private but still want those beautifully raw first moments of baby captured. That wrinkly skin, that first latch, siblings, grandparents meeting baby, those super cute little toes with the hospital band on… the list is endless! My main objective during my sessions is to capture that bond…the bond between you, your partner, siblings and baby


Fresh 48 sessions are so amazing because I come to you! Whether it’s in the hospital setting or you would prefer to be settled in at home, the choice is yours. In our time together, I will photograph baby in your arms or in his/her crib or bassinet. Baby is never placed in anything other than those two things. This is a very different approach than posed newborn photography. It’s a very candid and lifestyle documentary. While I am so so grateful to have had both my babies’ births photographed, I wish we would have had a Fresh 48 done as well. Newborns change by the minute, and having some photos of Asher meeting his sister and things like that would have been so so wonderful to have.


Photographing these first moments of you becoming parents is such an honorable moment. It immediately takes me back to meeting both of my own children, and how quickly that time goes by. Babies don’t keep and that’s why these portraits are SO important!

During our slower season right now, I am offering half off all of our Fresh 48’s, which makes them all $200. You will receive up to 25 high-resolution digital downloads, the print release, and up to one hour on location (hospital or in home). Prints and canvases are able to be ordered and discounts will apply if interested!

These sessions are able to be purchased in advance and are also able to be gifted as well! Shoot me an email brittany@brittanyhumes.com and let’s talk babies! <3

Baby Must Haves!

When I was pregnant, I was so excited to start my baby registry. I tried to only register for what I felt was needed but a few wants slipped in there too. We didn't know our baby's gender so I think that REALLY helped me from going overboard, as we needed everything to be gender neutral! :)

I have decided to compile a list for some mamas that I wish I would have come across while I was planning for my baby. For me, these are must haves and I wouldn't have survived being a brand new mama without them!

1. Muslin blankets.


These things are the best! They are so lightweight but can be doubled up to be warmer. They make great swaddle blankets and are also so nice to just toss in the diaper bag. They fold up pretty small! My baby boy loves them & sleeps with his monkey muslin blanket every night! 

2. LOTS of burp cloths

After my shower, I remember thinking, "there is no way we are going to need this many burp cloths!" and boy was I wrong. I use about 4 a day and it's so nice having a stack of clean cloths while others are in the wash! I have a few "stations" where I keep them, as most days we are all over the house. Definitely invest (or register!) for many as they are so helpful to have!!

3. Bottle Warmer


This was a game changer! I did not want to microwave my baby's milk, ever. So I came across Dr. Brown's bottle warmer and I love it! It warms his bottle by steaming it! You can choose your timing (depending how warm you want it) and it's so helpful! I wasn't too keen on spending the $35 or so it cost but I'm so glad I got it.

4. Sleep sack


OH MAN is this a MUST! Sweet babies tend to flail in their sleep & constantly wake themselves up. Having a sleep sack (Halo brand is what we have) changed my life. We thankfully had it from day one as it was given to us in the hospital. It swaddles them up so nicely & also keeps them warm without needing loose blankets on them. I need to buy more because our chunky monkey is starting to outgrow his. I recommend the sleep sacks as opposed to the tight swaddles that are out there because it's important for the development to be able to move their legs/hips! You don't want them so tightly wrapped like baby mummies! :)

5. A glider

I always knew I wanted a nice chair/glider in our baby's nursery but I didn't know just how much I would use it. I use it every single night! With my husband working, it's so nice to be able to have a room in the house where Asher and I can go and have our night time feedings. We sit in his nursery as I feed & rock him. I can't wait till he is a bit older & I can read to him in it & put him to bed <3

6. Multiple diaper stations

For me, this is huge. Our house is 3 floors, we only use the main 2 floors but man is it nice not having to go to a specific location when Asher needs changed! We have a diaper set up in our living room with our pack & play & one set up in his room. I did have a small one set up in our bedroom the first few weeks but seeing as his room is right across the hall, I eventually combined those two. This is of course for disposable diapers. We are starting our cloth diapers here this month & will be re-doing our diapering set up to accommodate that! Stay tuned! :)

7. A lightweight stroller/car seat system


Yes. Yes. and more yes. I thought my step mom was nuts when she made me test out damn near every stroller system Babies R Us had on display but MAN I am so glad she did! Some of those systems are suuuuuper heavy AND complex!! While safety was my number one concern, I was blessed to find a top rated system in safety but also super lightweight! My GB Lyfe stroller/car seat system has made being a mama so much more enjoyable. It's so cute, lightweight & seriously the easiest thing ever to operate!! 

8. Rock & Play


Ok, I know I keep saying this but yes- THIS! This was a last minute purchase (3 days before I gave birth!) and I am so, so thankful we got one! Our friends who had a baby about 4 weeks prior to us told us it was an absolute must! While I went the cheap route (bought one used), I wish I would have just got a new one. The one we have works great but there are a ton of rock & plays out there that have many more features that would have been nice to have. Ours doesn't rock on its own & it doesn't vibrate either. But luckily, we found a toy that vibrates & plays music that we use with it. Both items combined were cheaper than a new rock & play- but like I said, I wish we would have splurged & bought it altogether. Asher sleeps in this right beside me in our room to this day. I love how it is inclined. I know babies are supposed to be flat on their back but it really scared me whenever would still spit up some fluid and be flat on his back. Ash naps, plays, and chills in this thing! He seriously loves it. And they fold up & are super easy to travel with! Cannot recommend this item enough!

So there you have it, mamas! My top items that are must haves for us! I hope this list helped! :)