Third Trimester Struggles

SO here we are. Just about 36 weeks along and in the "home stretch". My body is continually growing, I can't breathe, and not peeing myself when I sneeze has become quite the sport. I did a post very similar to this earlier on in pregnancy, talking about all the things that the pregnancy books don't talk about. While I gave up reading those type of books much past 20 weeks, I'm not too sure what they would say about the last month of pregnancy but I would imagine it wouldn't include a lot of these!

1. Dealing with the question, "When are you due?"
I might just start lying. Because the real answer is, ANY DAY! I could go tomorrow, I could go in a week, I could go another month and a half.....I. don't. know. And the truth is, whenever my baby and body is ready! Sure my "estimated due date" is June 9 but between my chiropractor knowing how low baby's head is in my pelvis, to my husband noticing my belly changes, to the little lady at El Campesino's telling me "definitely boy", everyone suspects I'll go early. OF COURSE I would love for that to happen, BUT! I just want a healthy baby to come when he/she is ready. Now if I'm still pregnant past June 9, we might be whistling a different tune :) 

2. Dealing with your maternity clothes getting too tight
Can we just seriously talk about this? When your maternity clothes are getting tight, we have a problem. Sure, maybe I put my maternity jeans in the dryer on accident once or twice, but those bad boys should be built to last! Especially for how much I paid for them! If you see me walking around with my belly hanging out soon, just know that shirt used to fit and I refuse to accept that it doesn't anymore. And I also refuse to spend any more money on maternity clothes with this little of time left! The episode of Friends with Rachel wearing that tank top comes to mind...let me see if I can find that image...

Ahhh yes. There it is! 

Ahhh yes. There it is! 

3. Jealousy of your spouse
This one I didn't see coming. And I feel bad for even admitting it but let's face it- it's real. My husband works his tail off. Once he finishes up his Mon-Fri career, he then DJs all weekend from bars around the area to weddings & special events. While I know he is working, I also know he enjoys it. He gets to dress up super nice, head out, play music, socialize with all sorts of people, and enjoy some cocktails. MAN do I miss being able to dress in a way that I felt snazzy, or beautiful, or sexy. NOT TO MENTION being able to sip on a cocktail! I stay home. Every weekend. In my half fitting clothes trying to focus my attention on anything but my sexy dressed husband sipping bourbon and talking about anything but pregnancy.

4. Shaving
This one's a real treat. I will admit, there are times (mainly winter) where I don't focus on shaving as much. But knowing you're going to have a baby possibly any day now, you tend to want to keep all the areas cleanly cut. You would think someone would have invented a contraption for 9 month pregnant women to shave themselves with. Fairly certain Edward Scissorhands could do a better job. That is all. 

5. The aches and pains
Sure you're toting around an extra 20-30 pounds in your front mid section with a baby's head lodged in your pelvis, of course you're going to be uncomfortable right? Well, you see, the thing is- these aches and pains that I'm specifically talking about COME OUTTA NO WHERE and they bring you down to the ground. I could be in the grocery store squeezing every avocado to see which one would make the best guac and BAM! Lightning sharp pain that from middle of my belly, down & out. Whewwwww. I'm all about pain and "waves" during labor. LABOR! You know, when you know you're going to meet your baby very soon? These pains are just down right unfair and mean. And so, so random.

And lastly, number 6. The emotions.
This one I will admit is probably in a few books somewhere. But it's worth mentioning. I have been nesting like a mad woman over the past week and when I'm done at the end of each day, I'm so physically and emotionally exhausted. Trying to think of every possible thing you "need" to get done before baby takes a huge toll emotionally. Knowing that you are are about to meet the face that you've been dreaming about for the past 9 months causes some crazy emotions too! And knowing that these are the last few weeks that you will be able to keep your baby as safe as you ever could is a pretty scary feeling. So know it's ok to lose your shit, it's ok to fall apart, and it's ok to cry when you're alone. You've been growing a human life inside of your body and you are about to welcome it into this world. If that doesn't give you a free pass to do whatever you want, I'm not sure what does! Don't be sorry and don't feel bad. Know that it's ok to tell people no. Set boundaries for yourself. And most importantly, trust yourself and your body. Know that everything that is happening (both physically & emotionally!) is preparing you to meet your precious baby anytime now. And that should be all you need. <3