Birth {In between worlds}

This particular image was taken a few months ago at one of my births. While I delivered this image to my client, I never shared it to my followers. As 2015 came to an end and I started prepping, planning, and goal setting for BHP's upcoming year, I came across this photo unexpectedly.

Then it hit me, why NOT share this beautiful capture? This image not only shows a baby in between worlds, but just how amazing our female bodies really are! We can grow, nurture, and birth new life and that my friends, is pretty miraculous!

Now, I know not every client and laboring mother would want this image. This is why it's SO important that I meet with my clients and establish their vision and comfort level. All of my Birth Stories are uniquely and beautifully different, catered to that family. This is just another reason my "job" is so awesome. I not only get to capture a new life coming into this world, but I get to deliver those moments to my clients to have & to cherish for years to come.


akron birth

Happy New Year, friends! 2016 is going to crazy, exciting, scary, and amazing! I just can't wait <3