The Birth Story of Stella Rae

August 18th, 2015. Mark & Ashley headed into Akron City Hospital around 8pm for their induction of their surprise gender, 4th baby. Ashley labored all night long with not much progress and was told they would up her pitocin in the morning. Around 10:45am they did just that and broke her water. Since things were moving so slowly, I didn't feel I needed to hurry but told Ashley I would head to the hospital around 12:30. Well that pitocin & water breaking sure did kick things into high gear because as soon as I arrived, Ashley was just about ready to push!

When I arrived, Ashley was starting to get pretty anxious & was just waiting on her doctor to arrive. I only had a few minutes before he arrived & they started to prep everything for baby's arrival :) I believe the actual pushing time was about 10 minutes and baby GIRL arrived into this world at 1:20pm, weighing 7lbs 7oz. She was immediately placed on mama's chest and grabbed her finger and just wouldn't let go! It was so sweet to see the immediate bond between baby and mama <3 

The remainder of my photographs were just documenting their first moments as a family. I hope these photographs are treasured for years to come. My hope is that someday Ashley & Mark can sit down with Stella and show her these memories of the day she entered this world. <3

Congratulations to the Elzholz family! She is perfect. <3