What is a Birth Story? 1.27.15

I have been receiving SO many messages asking "What exactly is a birth story?", so I thought what a better blog post than to not only explain my birth stories but also show you! Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom (after reading of course!!) to check out a video of one of my birth stories :)

A birth story is what I title my birth photography package and what I include with my birth package is as follows:

1. I am ON-CALL starting at 38 weeks gestation. That means when you know this is the real deal, call, text, email, send a smoke signal to me so I know to start prepping! There is NO more exciting feeling than when my mamas send me a text letting me know they are in labor & en route to the hospital! 

2. I typically arrive when mom is entering the active labor stage, which is usually right around 6-7 cm. Because this is such an intimate time for you (and because labor tends to take quite some time), I like to show up just as things start happening. This gives you as a couple time to be together before everything starts progressing faster. 

3. I usually stay about 2 hours once baby is born. I capture all of baby's first moments. I always tell my clients: First looks just aren't for weddings!! When you see your newborn baby for the first time, that love at first sight feeling, is pure bliss. That moment is by far my favorite moment to ever capture. And to be able to deliver that moment to my clients to have forever just makes my heart burst!! 

4. I tell my couples that I will have a sneak peek for them within 24 hours that they are welcome to post on social media and email to friends & family. I don't post anything until I have approval from mom & dad. This is such a private & exciting time in your life and YOU should be the one releasing the photos, making that announcement...when you're ready for everyone to know. This is another thing to keep in mind. Tell your friends & family not to post anything on social media letting the whole world know you're in labor, or that the baby is here, OR share that first photo!! This is your moment. You and your partner be the one to share. And don't be that friend or relative. If mom or dad haven't posted anything, then neither should you. Understand this is their time and they will post the announcement when they want. <3

5. After I leave, I guarantee all photos to be hand crafted & professionally edited within two weeks of the birth. I will deliver them to you via an online, password protected gallery. This gallery will have all of your photos displayed and you can download all of them. This gallery can be shared on social media, emailed to grandparents, or just used for your own private viewing. I also give my couples the print release to the images. This means you are welcome to get prints done wherever you choose. I do offer print packages but it's nice to know that if you ever want to order a canvas or some prints for family members, you can do so!


And now....as promised....here is the video of the birth of Cruz Allen. Baby #3 for this sweet family!